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Linux Training Materials - Download

PLEASE NOTE: The materials currently held on this site are intended only for professional trainers with an expert knowledge of Linux. At present we do not have introductory material that will be directly useful for a beginner.

If you are looking for an introduction to Linux and do not already have experience of its use, you will probably find it more productive to start with one of the many good books available, or our Introduction to Linux course.

You can download free PDF versions of our Linux Training Materials here:

Downloading implies your agreement to the terms of the Linux Training Materials Copying Licence. This licence is based on the Linux Documentation Project Copying License and is detailed on the Licence page. It allows you to freely copy, distribute, or modify these materials and to use them for training, subject to a few restrictions. The most obvious are:

  • Copyright remains with the author
  • The licence must be completely reproduced on any full or partial copy
  • Derivative work must be approved by the author

To save bandwidth, the PDF for our old Linux course modules is distributed in gzip-compressed tar archives (old_linux_course_modules.tar.gz ). Details on how to extract them are provided on the Extract page.