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The Linux Training Materials Project

The Linux Training Materials Project is simply designed to encourage the generation, distribution and improvement of commercial quality Linux training materials.

GBdirect initiated this project for the following reasons:

  • To feed some of our own specialist skills and experience back into the community which gives us the software that powers our business.
  • To ensure that our pre-eminent expertise in Linux training is as well-known to newcomers as it is to long-standing members of the Linux community.
  • To help ourselves to generate even better quality Linux training materials, by taking on-board the contributions of our key strategic partner: the Linux community at large.
  • To keep our competitors under pressure by utilising the power of the open source development model to develop the highest quality Linux training materials there are.

How the Linux Training Materials Project Works

The basic operation of the project is simple. We publish whatever Linux Training courseware we can on this site and we ask the users of the site to feedback whatever `bug fixes' or additional modules they can. What we will publish is limited only by our basic requirement for quality and legality (e.g. avoiding plagiarism and poor expression).

Anyone who contributes an original course module retains the copyright on their work and has control over what corrections or enhancements are accepted into their text. Those who submit corrections or enhancements to a pre-existing module should be acknowledged as contributors and may, at the original author's discretion, acquire rights over the modified text.

If you wish to contribute to the Linux Training Materials Project, click on the Contribute menu item for details. If you wish to deliver courses based on our Linux Training Materials, click on the Delivery item.